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Thank you for looking at Houston's Weekend Planning Guide's blog on the web. I'm Jeff (White) Menendez, creator, developer and its managing editor.

The idea of  Weekend Houston came to me sometime agowhile working in traditional media for over 20-years.

In school, (University of New Orleans) I studied Mass Communications.  I started in public radio, (WWNO FM 89.9, New Orleans, La.) while in high school doing interviews on a weekly radio show. I created the Teenage Radio Workshop my senior year.

After college, I learned how (with help from mentors) to produce morning and afternoon radio news programs. I moved on to produce television news and local public television specials. (Louisiana Public Broadcasting)

I like to say for all those who are not familiar with producers. Whether its television or radio (for that matter even movies, but film is more a director's medium). The producer(s) decide, organize and sometimes write, what is used on the air. It's an awesome responsibility. In the print business we call them editors.

I moved on to freelance writing for local newspapers while working in radio, becoming managing editor for a local weekly in New Orleans, Louisiana. The publisher taught me the print business. I told him,  I could hardly write for print. I write for the ear not eyes.  He said, "I know, but you have the ability to organize." He was right. I wish my personal life was just as easy (LOL)

Now - after years in media, I am on the web. I see the web medium, as all three media in one.

My friends in the newspaper business know newspapers, friends in television know TV and those in radio, know about "puff's of air". I understand all three and still learning.

Thank you for taking a look at my work and my group's work, please keep coming back every weekend.

I can be reached on my mobile number America  if you want to talk (832) 949-9691. Please call at a reasonable time and I will answer---you know--- business hours in the central time zone.

I'm Jeff (White) Menendez
Managing Editor
Weekend Houston's Planning Guide